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Novus offers market-leading products and services to the commercial aviation industry focusing on aircraft investing, financing and management. Novus customizes solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements. Its team of industry experts has a comprehensive understanding of all the nuances involved in the transacting process.

A cost-effective method for airlines to acquire replacement or growth aircraft without the up-front capital expenditure. With the risks of ownership retained by the lessor, the airline has no obligation to allocate resources to aircraft disposal or have concerns over residual values.

TAF Partners

Novus has partnered with a select group of prominent organizations and investors to create Tamweel Aviation Finance (TAF), a forward-thinking enterprise facilitating the funding of aircraft acquisitions at a high advance rate. This venture provides Junior and Mezzanine tranches in a tax-neutral financing structure that bridges the gap between pure equity and Senior debt. Many airlines find the high loan-to-value advance rate well suited to their funding strategy, but this has generally been challenging to source. 

An efficient method of financing aircraft acquisitions by spreading the cost of the purchase over the revenue-generating life of the asset. This minimizes the cash outflow on purchase and matches the repayment to the income flows while the aircraft is in service.  

Novus manages aircraft throughout the life cycle and its extensive knowledge and experience enables the company to provide a variety of services covering all activities between aircraft delivery and retirement. This portfolio of services includes aircraft remarketing, amongst others.

Novus can draw on the experience and financing skillset of its team to provide detailed advice to clients covering different fundraising options for financing commercial aircraft.

Novus Capital Advisors Ltd.

Novus Capital Advisors Limited is regulated by the DFSA for the provision of advisory and arranging services. All communications and services are directed at Professional Clients only, persons other than Professional Clients, such as Retail Clients, are NOT the intended recipients of our communications or services.

Novus Capital Advisors Limited is a company established in the DIFC pursuant to the DIFC Companies Law with registration number CL2238.